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furniker @ noise canteen

artist network: furniker

»FURNIKER« is a new project of Franz Schultz (also known as »SCHULTZ«), with influences of musique concrète, electronic music and jazz. Currently Schultz don’t use real instruments, apart from an old detuned piano, that he found on web. The concept is simple: Making music with everyday objects: »Everyday, everywhere: Everything around you can be an instrument – a wall, water drops, a radiator, your bed, […]

microseq @ noise canteen

artist network: microseq

An immersive post-digital sonic world enhanced by the physicality of real-time manipulation of sound synthesis parameters. Sound is manipulated and deconstructed through a complex network of algorithms and various digital signal processing units. Microseq’s novel (sonic) world pursues musical discourse in terms of developmental sound design, where different styles and forms are being introduced, decomposed and warped. The man […]

aaron barclay @ noise canteen

artist network: aaron barclay

I began using process within my work for its obvious aesthetic- to manufacture an idea, put it into practice and observe the results without intervening. Repetition is a crucial yet constant obsession for me. The closer I looked, the more the sounds and actions of my life began to take on a new from, a […]

julien bayle @ noise canteen

artist network: julien bayle

[photo (detail): Jean-Gilles Arpajou] Born in 1976 in France, Julien Bayle started to explore sound and music around 1990 with a number of projects trying to show a different vision of music sequencing. Working at the crossroads of visuals and sound, he seeks to merge visual art, music composition, physical approach of sound art and […]

matt burnett @ noise canteen

artist network: matt burnett

[photo (detail): jung/media] audio experiments. listening experiences. structured sonic content. quadraphonia. smart music. in tasty bites. for your sonic satisfaction. Matt Burnett currently lives in Berlin, Germany. Presently, his interests are centered on sound creation via self-oscillating systems, and the development of a vocabulary of motion within a quadraphonic listening environment. Prior to moving to Berlin, he lived […]

deployment strategies @ noise canteen

artist network: deployment strategies

Deployment Strategies still discovering their own personal sonic signature within the darkest realms of electronic. On that process they tend to let the frequencies guide the way … Vitor, audio engineer, music producer and DS’ mastermind says: I believe that this approach is allowing to discover worlds that, in the case of me being completely in control, […]

marc behrens @ noise canteen

artist network: marc behrens

[photo (detail): Pedro Tudela] Born in Darmstadt, Germany, in 1970. Marc Behrens works internationally on several cerebral and physical levels, his work consists mainly of electronic and concrete music, installations and also photographs and video. Since 1989 he has released more than 30 music albums. His activities since 2008 include sound recording in remote Western […]