meli @ noise canteen

black body radiation @ noise canteen

cross-media performance with Claire Dorweiler & Melissa Palacio López (conception, choreography, dance performance, video, animation) and liebold (music & sounds)

claire @ noise canteen (photo: Bert Liebold)

claire @ noise canteen (photo: bert liebold)

Live Events

Thursday ∙ 5 May 2016 ∙ 8 pm
Genius Loci »Lab meets Päng« ∙Alte Trafo-Station ∙ Nollendorfer Straße ∙ Jena

Tuesday ∙ 22 March 2016 ∙ 7 pm & 9 pm
Wednesday ∙ 23 March 2016 ∙ 7 pm & 8.30 pm
studio 1 ∙ Steubenstraße 6a ∙ Weimar


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About the Performance

 The performance is inspired on the experiment of Max Planck named »blackbody radiation«. Planck conceived that light can be described not only as an electromagnetic wave but as a set of packages of energy called a ‘quantum’. It means that it has a dual nature.

Einstein pointed out the dual nature of light setting that light can be not only a wave but a particle called ‘photon’, word invented by G. N. Lewis in 1926 (APS News, 2012). A photon is as an elementary particle of light and all radiation of electromagnetic spectrum that carries energy but not mass.

These physical theories are expressed through artistic body languages such as dance and performance, combined with projected light images (animation, photography, video and sound recording). Noise Soundscapes, which can be associated with audible particles and radiation, complement the staging.

Some Snapshots of the performance @ studio 1 (Photos: Bert Liebold)

Funny Warm-Up with Claire & Melissa (»MeliD’Or«) (photos: Bert Liebold)

furniker @ noise canteen

artist network: furniker

»FURNIKER« is a new project of Franz Schultz (also known as »SCHULTZ«), with influences of musique concrète, electronic music and jazz. Currently Schultz don’t use real instruments, apart from an old detuned piano, that he found on web. The concept is simple: Making music with everyday objects:

»Everyday, everywhere: Everything around you can be an instrument – a wall, water drops, a radiator, your bed, jars. Inspired by a moment, an emotion, a desire … all can lead to this very creative, very intensive musical approach. It lies with you to do it.«

He uses field recordings, human and live sounds from venue. Schultz’ experimental performances are interactive and participative. His concept is to include the audience and making music together.

Coule Le Métal


FURNIKER @ SoundCloud

FURNIKER @ CanalBlog

microseq @ noise canteen

artist network: microseq

An immersive post-digital sonic world enhanced by the physicality of real-time manipulation of sound synthesis parameters. Sound is manipulated and deconstructed through a complex network of algorithms and various digital signal processing units. Microseq’s novel (sonic) world pursues musical discourse in terms of developmental sound design, where different styles and forms are being introduced, decomposed and warped.

The man behind Microseq is Pandelis Diamantides. His debut album “Green” was released by Bigo & Twigetti label (London, UK) in September 2011 and re-released by Linn Records in hi-resolution for the audiophile. The success of this album follows a series of interesting collaborations with the visual artist Emmanuel Flores Elias (Monotone Studio), choreographer Lia Haraki (Pelma) and creative coder Matthias Oostrik (Marina Abramovic Institute).

His music is presented in places like the prestigious TodaysArt Festival, Bozar Museum, Venice Biennale and featured in broadcasts like Late Junction on BBC Radio 3. A new full-length album is released 11 May 2015 under the title ‘False awakenings’. The audiovisual performance with the same title is set to be performed between 2015–17.




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aaron barclay @ noise canteen

artist network: aaron barclay

I began using process within my work for its obvious aesthetic- to manufacture an idea, put it into practice and observe the results without intervening. Repetition is a crucial yet constant obsession for me. The closer I looked, the more the sounds and actions of my life began to take on a new from, a new way of point of view.

Upon finding this new perspective created through my fascination with process and sound, was a language made up of patterns and repetition formed by objects: fans, pens, and paper. I had discovered a new method of communicating through the use of a logical procedure. There is an endless source of material that can be created through the reiteration of process and I seek to explore as much of it as possible.

Aaron Barclay was born in Surrey, England in 1992. He received his BA in Creative Music Technology from Bath Spa University in 2015. Aaron has exhibited and performed in the UK including shows at The Roper Gallery Bath and the Island Arts Facility Bristol. Aaron Lives and works in Bath, England.


Aaron Barclay @ SoundCloud

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pleines & liebold @ projekt eins

pleines & liebold @ summaery2015

live sound building with pleines & liebold

Friday ∙ July 10, 2015 ∙ 10 pm & 11 pm
projekt eins ∙ Schützengasse 2 ∙ Weimar

On summaery 2015 we set our ‘footprint’ on projekt eins, playing two sets with video excerpts from pleines’ “walks”.  You are warmly invited! For noisy moments we offer Mojito made by Melissa.

(In collaboration with Kulturtragwerk e. V.)

pleines & liebold @ summaery2015

pleines & liebold @ summaery2015

photo: © Julia Thomas | // poster: © Bert Liebold | noise canteen

s p a c e @ noise canteen

s p a c e @ studio 1, Weimar

cross-media performance with Melissa Palacio López (conception, choreography, dance performance, video, animation) and pleines & liebold (composition, audio, field recordings, live sound building)

Friday ∙ 22 May 2015 ∙ 8 pm & 9 pm
studio 1 ∙ Steubenstraße 6a ∙ Weimar

Melissa about »s p a c e«: “The concept of space is one of the most mysterious and deep notion that fascinates me. As it is a vast notion to analyze, I decided to delimit the area of study and consider it from three different points of view thanks to the conceptions of the french philosopher Gilles Deleuze, the philosopher and scientist Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz and the physicist Albert Einstein.

Each of them presents a perception of the concept space and I connect these three through a complete narrative as the conceptual background for the performance.”


s p a c e @ noise canteen

s p a c e @ noise canteen