helena gough @ noise canteen (photo: helenagough.net)

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We’re very happy to welcome Helena Gough at noise canteen. Some of her thoughts about why & how (from helenagough.net):

Working with very limited material, maybe only two or three sounds for each new piece. Taking everything possible from the tiniest element, making the smallest things significant, creating something from nearly nothing.

Exploring the qualities of a sound. A process of uncovering, of revealing hidden details and turning perspective on its head. A fascination with states of stasis, by matter that appears to be still yet is always in motion. Searching for sounding movements that change our perception of time and textures that slowly evolve, rotate and turn in on themselves.

To listen, rather than just to hear with dumb ears. The power of sound as a transformative experience, a place for uncertainty and substance. Moving out of the harsh glare of a visually dominated culture.

Intuition: you are the idea, the movement, the moment. Intuition is a technique of knowledge or self-knowledge that has become internalized, can run on automatic and at a rapid rate. It is a reaching into the depths of memory and the subconscious that cannot be willed or forced.

Because: I have many doubts and many questions (I don’t think I have any answers). Sometimes I hope to offer a moment in which someone might sense that things do not have to be as they are.

Because: words fail me. Language leaves too much to be desired.

It’s a posting from July 2007. Unfortunately she stopped her creative sound work currently. On her website she wrote about her private motives.


Chain Sinnet excerpt



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