space @ noise canteen

s p a c e @ studio 1, Weimar

cross-media performance with Melissa Palacio López (conception, choreography, dance performance, video, animation) and pleines & liebold (composition, audio, field recordings, live sound building)

Friday ∙ 17 April 2015 ∙ 8 pm & 9 pm
studio 1 ∙ Steubenstraße 6a ∙ Weimar

Melissa about »s p a c e«: “The concept of space is one of the most mysterious and deep notion that fascinates me. As it is a vast notion to analyze, I decided to delimit the area of study and consider it from three different points of view thanks to the conceptions of the french philosopher Gilles Deleuze, the philosopher and scientist Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz and the physicist Albert Einstein.

Each of them presents a perception of the concept space and I connect these three through a complete narrative as the conceptual background for the performance.”