noise canteen: walking along noisy paths. sound experiments with hard- and software. hands-on-live-recordings. artificial soundscapes as well as dance floor based puzzle pieces, something between noise and ambient, drone and idm.

noise canteen (photo: bert liebold)

noise canteen (photo: bert liebold)

noise canteen

You need a serious explanation? Okay, let’s try: On the one side noise canteen means an open musical concept. It deals with the genre of noise music, but includes a wide range of musical styles and creative, sound-based practices. On the other side it refers to the real spatial situation. The initiators of noise canteen pleines & liebold both are architects. They use the strong spatiotemporal character of sounds for their so called ‘live sound building’.

It influences the spatial situation with particular properties in a very straight way. With techniques of failure, indeterminacy and improvisation they turn a location into another one. It means: noise canteen could be anywhere. And that’s the reason for extending our artist network. You are hooked on it? Don’t hesitate!

our cookbook

architectural sound sculptures ∙ contingencies ∙ cacophony ∙ drone ∙ electroacoustic improvisations ∙ electronic fluctuations ∙ experimental ∙ field recordings ∙ film scores ∙ found sounds ∙ free dada ∙ glitch ∙ harsh ∙ idm ∙ indeterminacy ∙industrial ∙ lo-fi

lucky breaks ∙ rhythm machines ∙ minimal ∙ morphing ∙ musical landscapes ∙ non-musical voices ∙ noise ∙ no waves ∙ onkyokei ∙ probabilities ∙ processed sound recording ∙ random walks ∙ real-time ∙ simply techno ∙ sound art ∙ stochastic processes ∙ time series ∙ topological spaces