s p a c e no space @ studio 1, Weimar

s p a c e no space @ studio 1, Weimar

live sound building with pleines & liebold

Friday ∙ April 17, 2015 ∙ 8 pm & 9 pm
studio 1 ∙ Steubenstraße 6a ∙ Weimar

This should be the day of our first “s p a c e” cross-media dance performance. But in the morning Melissa, the dancer, injured her leg. Back from hospital we decided to safe the day and show excerpts from “walks” as a rear projection while turning the nobs. Enjoy the video recording:

Sounds: Ulf Pleines & Bert Liebold // Vocal Samples: Miss Is Galaxy // Visuals: Excerpt from “Walks” by Ulf Pleines

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