meli @ noise canteen

black body radiation @ noise canteen

cross-media performance with Claire Dorweiler & Melissa Palacio López (conception, choreography, dance performance, video, animation) and liebold (music & sounds)

claire @ noise canteen (photo: Bert Liebold)

claire @ noise canteen (photo: bert liebold)

Live Events

Thursday ∙ 5 May 2016 ∙ 8 pm
Genius Loci »Lab meets Päng« ∙Alte Trafo-Station ∙ Nollendorfer Straße ∙ Jena

Tuesday ∙ 22 March 2016 ∙ 7 pm & 9 pm
Wednesday ∙ 23 March 2016 ∙ 7 pm & 8.30 pm
studio 1 ∙ Steubenstraße 6a ∙ Weimar


Listen to the Soundtrack @ SoundCloud

About the Performance

 The performance is inspired on the experiment of Max Planck named »blackbody radiation«. Planck conceived that light can be described not only as an electromagnetic wave but as a set of packages of energy called a ‘quantum’. It means that it has a dual nature.

Einstein pointed out the dual nature of light setting that light can be not only a wave but a particle called ‘photon’, word invented by G. N. Lewis in 1926 (APS News, 2012). A photon is as an elementary particle of light and all radiation of electromagnetic spectrum that carries energy but not mass.

These physical theories are expressed through artistic body languages such as dance and performance, combined with projected light images (animation, photography, video and sound recording). Noise Soundscapes, which can be associated with audible particles and radiation, complement the staging.

Some Snapshots of the performance @ studio 1 (Photos: Bert Liebold)

Funny Warm-Up with Claire & Melissa (»MeliD’Or«) (photos: Bert Liebold)